Making Fortune With Cryptocurrency: What If You Let The Best Hedge Funds Take You To The Top?

Money attracts money… This well-known adage continues to hold true. While the wealthiest households have further strengthened their monetary base during this major crisis, they can rely on tools which are reserved for them and whose entry barriers discourage most participants.

The Crypto ecosystem and its global dimension has, however, democratized access to investment funds „Hedge Funds“ formerly reserved for the elite. Today we offer you privileged access to one of the most efficient of them .

This article is written as part of a business contribution with an investment fund specializing in the management of crypto-assets, structured within the European Union.

A door wide open

These big names are surely familiar to you: George Soros, Ray Dalio, Ken Griffin . They have in common to be part of the largest fortunes in the world, and for decades, have managed hedge funds that have made their subscribers happy.

Hedge funds are different from the investment tools considered to be “traditional” . While the latter are driven by a perspective of capital conservation, hedge funds have for one and only objective, dizzying growth . This propensity for exceptional returns is largely due to the use of leverage effects, but also to employee compensation, which is strongly linked to the fund’s economic performance.

Crypto Hedge Funds are experiencing rapid growth. As Bitcoin slowly approaches the trillion market capitalization , and other altcoins like Ethereum and BNB are riding the wave of decentralized finance. The giants of Wall Street seize the phenomenon and offer customers with high potential, a complete management of their savings.

These funds, managed by the very best of global finance , are now becoming accessible to ordinary people. Even though the suggested allowance is around € 80,000 , some individuals can benefit from valuable entry tickets with flexibility .

If you want to be part of this privileged circle , we are offering you today and after completing a contact questionnaire , to get in touch with one of the most successful fund managers on the market.

A performance at rest

The search for extreme performance is not necessarily synonymous with taking reckless risks . These hedge funds are fully structured investment vehicles, juggling between a methodical approach designed by the best mathematicians on the planet, and proven risk management .

Many crypto traders have seen their capital appreciate exponentially since the end of 2020. The euphoria unfortunately cannot last forever, and only the most agile will enjoy profits that remain for the moment, only fictitious .

Ethereum 2.0 bug led to production of competing blocks

Ethereum 2.0 bug led to production of competing blocks

75 validators were suspended from Ethereum 2.0 in a slashing event due to an operational bug from Staked, an ETH2 staking pool. This resulted in competing blocks being produced on the network.

Staked was using Prysm’s client and had separately introduced performance upgrades to improve Crypto Engine block validation efficiency. However, the upgrades introduced a bug into the network.

Ethereum validators were signing different versions of the same block

Due to the bug, validators began signing different versions of the same block, essentially creating another chain on Ethereum. Consequently, 75 validators were removed from the network. The company issued a press release as an explanation. It said, among other things:

Staked has prioritised technical performance over the robustness of double signing and this is not a good trade-off. No customers were harmed in this interaction, but it was an expensive lesson for Staked.

The penalty for the failure is 18 ETH, which equates to around $30,000 at the current Ethereum exchange rate. The Staked pool will reimburse for current and still future financial damages during the outage for the affected Stakers.

The company has decided to scrap previous attempts to circumvent Prysm’s default restrictions

It has introduced a new change that waits for all blocks to be synchronised before participating with validators.

Staking pools allow users with less than the minimum amount of 32 ETH to participate in staking. Staked is one of the leading pools in Ethereum 2.0 with a 9% share and is popular for its above-average returns.

The Ethereum 2.0 network currently has over 91,300 active validators with $4.8 billion in deposited ETH earning 8.17% annually in Ethereum (ETH).

Coinbase: official blog post finally makes the IPO plans public

The IPO of the Coinbase trading platform is getting closer and closer. Now the rumors that the company is conducting a direct listing are coming true.

The big top dog of the crypto exchanges, Coinbase, has now revealed its plans for its IPO

Like some rumors that have already made the rounds and that BTC-ECHO has already reported , it is now certain: Coinbase will go to Wall Street via a direct listing. An official Bitcoin Code blog post mentions the direct listing of Class A common shares. A registration declaration had already been received by the US Securities and Exchange Commission in mid-December. After the Securities Commissioner completes its review, this Form „S-1“ will take effect.

This announcement does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities. [It] is published in accordance with Rule 135 of the Securities Act

The direct listing format does not offer any new stocks. Instead, the company lists existing shares (founder, employee and investor shares). New capital is therefore not raised and the price usually remains stable. This process has a great advantage for those who are already shareholders. If they are given the opportunity to sell without lockups, some of them could become multi-millionaires in no time at all. The direct listing of the software company Palantir could serve as a precedent .

Coinbase valuation eagerly awaited

Unlike an IPO, a direct listing does not require the services of an underwriter to facilitate the sale. The relevant sales price of Coinbase shares, on the other hand, is simply a result of a relationship between supply and demand, not a formal bookbuilding as would be the case with a traditional IPO.

It will be very interesting to see what value the shareholders will give the company. The last evaluation by Coinbase itself from 2018 had attested the company a total value of 8 billion US dollars. The crypto analysis company Messari speaks in its current analysis of a value of 28 billion USD when the IPO is completed. This assessment comes from analyzing the company’s various business areas, including trading, custody and debit cards.

In the run-up to the IPO , business figures published by Coinbase had caught the attention of many. It states that there are more than $ 90 billion in assets on the platform as of today. The platform currently has over 43 million registered users.

Warum ist Bitcoin unter $33K gefallen?

Warum ist Bitcoin unter $33K gefallen? Coinbase Wale könnten die Antwort haben

Ein Blick auf den BTC-Preisaufschlag von Coinbase Pro deutet darauf hin, dass der Verkauf am Donnerstag im Gange ist, da Bitcoin in 24 Stunden um 7% fällt.

Bitcoin (BTC) rutschte am 21. Januar zum ersten Mal seit über einer Woche unter $33.000, als der Verkaufsdruck zunahm und den Preis nach unten trieb.

Coinbase Premium bricht abrupt ein

Daten von Cointelegraph Markets und TradingView zeigten, dass BTC/USD seinen Abwärtstrend auch bei Bitcoin Hero am Donnerstag fortsetzte, um 7,% am Tag fiel und es nicht schaffte, von der $33.000-Unterstützung abzuprallen.

Die jüngste Bewegung, die Bitcoin im Vergleich zu seinen Höchstständen vom Dienstag um über 13 % nach unten bringt, kam inmitten verstärkter Verkäufe bei Coinbase Pro, dem professionellen Handelsarm der US-amerikanischen Kryptowährungsbörse Coinbase.

Wie Cointelegraph berichtete, hatten größere Volumenspitzen bei Coinbase Pro in den letzten Wochen die Preisvolatilität begleitet. Dieses Mal war es ein Einbruch im sogenannten „Coinbase Premium“, der signalisierte, dass ein Verkauf im Gange war – der Preisunterschied zwischen dem BTC/USD-Paar an diesem Handelsplatz und anderen nahm plötzlich ab.

„Es scheint, dass $BTC-Verkäufer von #Coinbase kamen. Der Coinbase Premium Index ist seit einer Stunde negativ“, fasste Ki Young Ju, CEO der On-Chain-Analyse-Ressource CryptoQuant, auf Twitter zusammen und lud den nebenstehenden Chart hoch.

Coinbase Wale wollen vielleicht $BTC zu gehen niedriger für die Konsolidierung.“

Einen Tag zuvor hatte Ki einen entsprechenden Anstieg der Einlagen von Walen an verschiedenen Börsen hervorgehoben, was auf einen potenziellen Wunsch hindeutet, BTC zu Preisen zu handeln oder zu verkaufen, die in der Mitte seines Handelskorridors zwischen $30.000 und $40.000 oder darunter liegen.

Kampf der Bitcoin-Wale

Ein weiterer Trend, seit Bitcoin begann, zu neuen Allzeithochs aufzusteigen, war ein Vermögenstransfer von Kleinanlegern zu Walen, wobei letztere bei jedem Preisrückgang das Angebot aufkauften.

Trotz des Ausverkaufs waren es die Käufer, die diese Woche für Schlagzeilen sorgten, allen voran der Investment-Gigant Grayscale, der seinen bisher größten BTC-Kauf an einem Tag im Wert von mehr als 600 Millionen Dollar tätigte. In den 24 Stunden bis zum Ende des Mittwochs erhöhte das Unternehmen seinen Bestand um weitere 8.000 BTC – weit mehr als das Angebot, das von den Minern dem Markt hinzugefügt wird.

Auf einer virtuellen Konferenz in dieser Woche skizzierte CEO Michael Sonnenshein die Übernahme digitaler Vermögenswerte durch die Nationalstaaten und das zunehmende Interesse von Finanzberatern als zwei der wichtigsten Trends, die seiner Meinung nach das Jahr 2021 prägen werden.

Previsione del prezzo di Bitcoin: BTC / USD scende al di sotto di $ 33.600; Opportunità di acquistare poco o rimanere calmi

Il prezzo del Bitcoin scende oggi da un massimo di $ 33.600 a un minimo di $ 27.678 in poche ore.

Tendenza a lungo termine BTC / USD: rialzista (grafico giornaliero)

Livelli chiave:

Livelli di resistenza: $ 36.000, $ 36.200, $ 36.400

Livelli di supporto: $ 25.500, $ 25.300, $ 25.100

BTCUSD – Grafico giornaliero

BTC / USD è nel mezzo di una mossa di ritracciamento dall’inizio del trading di oggi. Nel frattempo, lo slancio al ribasso è diventato abbastanza inarrestabile mentre il supporto chiave a $ 28.000 è stato devastato, costringendo i rialzisti a concentrarsi sulla difesa del prossimo supporto che è mirato a $ 27.000. Se questo è rotto, è possibile trovare ulteriori supporti a $ 25.500, $ 25.300 e $ 25.100.

Cosa aspettarsi da Bitcoin (BTC)

La formazione di un pattern flag rialzista suggerisce che l’azione al rialzo potrebbe continuare solo se il supporto del pattern non viene rotto. Tuttavia, un guasto al di sotto del supporto delle bandiere potrebbe provocare effetti disastrosi del prezzo di Bitcoin che sale a quota 26.000 $. L’indicatore tecnico ha anche supportato il movimento ribassista, ulteriormente sostenendo l’idea che questa potrebbe essere la fine del rally del toro.

Tuttavia, l’RSI (14) è visto muoversi al di sotto del livello 80 all’interno della zona di ipercomprato poiché la forte pendenza al ribasso è una chiara indicazione dell’influenza che consente ai ribassisti di esercitare una maggiore pressione sul mercato. Nel frattempo, è possibile un’inversione, ma solo se la resistenza a 32.500 $ viene rivendicata. Il commercio di persistenza al di sopra di questo livello potrebbe tecnicamente spingere la moneta a livelli di resistenza di $ 36.000, $ 36.200 e $ 36.400.

BTC / USD Medio – Tendenza a termine: rialzista (grafico a 4 ore)

Guardando il grafico a 4 ore, Bitcoin (BTC) non è ancora scivolato sotto i 25.000 $ ed è ancora in procinto di riprendersi. Il prezzo del Bitcoin è al di sotto delle medie mobili di 9 e 21 giorni e potrebbe richiedere del tempo per essere scambiato al di sopra dei $ 34.000. Al momento, il prezzo del Bitcoin si sta muovendo intorno al livello di $ 31.484.

BTCUSD – Grafico a 4 ore

Tuttavia, se i rialzisti riescono a raggrupparsi e dare energia al mercato, i trader potrebbero aspettarsi un nuovo test di $ 25.000. Pertanto, rompere i $ 33.000 potrebbe anche consentire ai rialzisti di muoversi al di sopra delle medie mobili di 9 e 21 giorni per testare i livelli di resistenza di $ 34.000 e oltre. In altre parole, se i ribassisti dovessero continuare a mantenere il prezzo e trascinarlo al ribasso, i livelli di supporto di 29.100 $ e inferiori potrebbero essere visitati poiché l’RSI (14) si sposta al di sotto del livello di 550, indicando un ulteriore movimento ribassista.

Bitcoin (BTC) på Financial Times framsida

Den nuvarande Bitcoin-prisrallyt fortsätter att tjäna förstasidesintresse från vanliga medier.

Bitcoin (BTC) på Financial Times framsida

Världens främsta kryptovaluta, Cryptosoft har varit i rampljuset av alla rätt skäl på senare tid.
Bitcoin (BTC) har under de senaste månaderna spelat in en massiv prisuppgång och sporrat den långt över sitt tidigare ATH-pris. Krypten den 3 januari 2021 firades 12 år sedan dess ikoniska tillväxtblock. Intressant nog uppnådde Bitcoin en ny ATH på 34 800 $ samma dag.

Den Financial Times , en internationellt uppmärksammad affärstidning, dessutom innehöll kungen Crypto på sin förstasida. Funktionen handlade huvudsakligen om Bitcoins stigning till $ 30.000. Speciellt har BTC: s nuvarande prisrally varit centrum för attraktion på senare tid.

Mer hållbar prishöjning

Under 2017, under BTC: s första anmärkningsvärda bull run, avvisade många analytiker prisrallyt som en bubbla. Sådana röster sa att tjurkörningen 2017 inte var hållbar. Detsamma kan inte sägas om det nuvarande BTC-prisrallyet. Vanliga medier, som till stor del har varit i framkant för att kritisera kryptorummet, har svårt att förbli skeptiska. BTC: s nuvarande prisrally som presenteras på Financial Times förstasida är också en tydlig indikation på detta.

Enligt rapporter förväntas Bitcoins prisrally fortsätta. Joseph Young påpekar att detta beror på att fler människor köper in i krypton och ingen säljer.

FOMO (Fear of Missing out) är också enormt hos småskaliga köpare och detaljhandelsinvesterare.

Institutionella investerare i framkant av BTC-prisrally

PwC: s globala kryptoledare Henri Arslanian kastar mer ljus över orsaken till BTC: s nuvarande prisrally. Intressant är att BTC-prisrallyt tillskrivs det ökade intresset hos institutionella köpare. Bland dessa finns sådana som MicroStrategy , MassMutual och Square , som har flyttat en stor del av sina medel till Bitcoin. Dessutom ökade kryptopriset av godkännandet från flera Wall Street-giganter som Paul Tudor Jones och Stanley Druckenmiller . Enligt Arslanian har det nuvarande BTC-priset inte visat något tecken på att sakta ner.

Första sidan av Financial Times täckte flera viktiga detaljer om krypton och dess ikoniska stigning till $ 30.000.

Det plötsliga intresset för vanliga medier för kryptorummet är ganska förvånande. I november förra året hävdade Financial Times att „Bitcoin inte hade något grundläggande värde, och dess rally var enbart driven av spekulanter.“ Deras senaste artikel verkar dock ha en annan åsikt.

Altcoin Buzz publicerade nyligen en fördjupad artikel om vem som har hur mycket Bitcoin (BTC)?

Bitcoin logger $ 28.000 hele tiden, men der er ingen detailinteresse (endnu)

Bitcoin-priser zoomet til $ 28.000 i sidste uge, men et nøgleelement på markedet mangler stadig.

Hvor er detailhandlen?

Data antyder, at en kritisk driver af kryptokurrencymarkedet fra 2017 endnu ikke er trådt ind i de onde riger i det berygtede, ustabile og ofte ulidelige rum.

Analytics-service skævt twitret søndag, at „detailinteressen ikke er steget tilbage“ på trods af, at priserne på Bitcoin når rekordhøje niveauer, og andre kryptokurver ser prispumper i weekenden.

Med henvisning til data fra Google Trends forekom skæv detailsøgning efter „Bitcoin“ på niveauet før 2017, en tid hvor Bitcoin steg fra under $ 1.200 til over $ 19.000. Aktivet faldt med over 80% til under $ 3.500 i starten af 2019, hvilket markedet igen tog op.

Institutionerne er her, og de vil have Bitcoin

Så hvis ikke detailhandel, hvem køber? Ifølge skæve data er det institutioner. Data for institutionel fondsforvalter Grayscale viste, at aktiver under forvaltning for dens forskellige, populære børshandlede fonde nåede op på $ 16 mia. I år.

GBTC, firmaets Bitcoin-tilbud, tegner sig kun for 13 milliarder dollars af den krigskiste. Produktet handles over-the-counter og er et meget likvidt marked med over 12 millioner dollars handlet hver dag. Hver GBTC-„aktie“ har en lille mængde spot-Bitcoin, hvor Grayscale opkræver en lille præmie oven på denne værdi for den bekvemmelighed.

Produktet, der tilbydes af Grayscale Investments, er et af de eneste børsnoterede Bitcoin-tilbud til amerikanske borgere og har vundet popularitet midt i en bredere positiv stemning for Bitcoin blandt institutionelle fonde, teknologiske virksomheder og familiekontorer i 2020.

Nogle fondsforvaltere, såsom Harris Kupperman fra Praetorian Capital, siger, at Grayscales GBTC også tegner sig for meget af Bitcoins prisbevægelse i 2020. I en blog tidligere på året sagde han, at GBTC skaber en endeløs købssløjfe af institutioner, der køber aktierne, Grayscale køber stedet Bitcoin for at dække disse aktier (driver priser op), og markedsdeltagere køber yderligere mere Bitcoin, når priserne bevæger sig op.

I mellemtiden har Wall Street-virksomhederne taget større interesse i Bitcoin

I mellemtiden har Wall Street-virksomhederne taget større interesse i Bitcoin og skynder sig at udnytte sine gevinster midt i dystre økonomiske udsigter og frygt for inflation. Disse inkluderer Guggenheim Partners, som for eksempel for nylig sagde, at de muligvis investerer op til 10% af sin $ 5, 5 milliarder $ Macro Opportunities Fund i en Bitcoin-tillid.

Nogle andre er allerede på vognen. Softwareafspiller MicroStrategy hentede $ 1 mia. I Bitcoin over tre indkøb i år, mens fondsforvalter Paul Tudor Jones sagde i maj, at han ejer mere end $ 70 millioner af aktivet via BTC-futures.

Bitcoin $ 26.891,29
28. december kl. 21:16 UTC -0,04%

Bitcoin, der i øjeblikket er nummer 1 efter markedsværdi, er faldet med 0,04% i løbet af de sidste 24 timer. BTC har en markedsværdi på $ 499,74B med en 24-timers volumen på $ 50,11B.

Bitcoin: Dlaczego krótkoterminowy trend niedźwiedzi może być już tutaj

W związku z tym, że cena Bitcoina zbliża się do 20.000 dolarów, analitycy w łańcuchu sugerują, że nadchodząca korekta może wkrótce stać się nieunikniona. Jest to duża szansa, pomimo konsekwentnego generowania popytu i kupowania przez instytucje i wieloryby. Podczas gdy handlowcy detaliczni/instytucjonalni mogą nie być jeszcze niedźwiedzi, według popularnego analityka branżowego Willy’ego Woo,

„Bitcoin na łańcuchu“ mówi bykom „nie przejdziesz“, nie bez resetu. Reset oznacza wiele tygodni na boki lub przyzwoite niedźwiedzie zanurzenie. Dostaniemy dip? Nie ma jeszcze impulsów ruchów monet, które są mocno niedźwiedzie. Czekająca gra.“

Willy Woo wierzy, że korekta jest nieuchronna, jednak na dłuższą metę, cena może wzrosnąć jeszcze bardziej po korektach na rynku. Tweety analityków wywołały wiele reakcji, a jeden inwestor odpowiedział pozytywnie na argumenty Woo.

„Spadek do obszaru 12.500 dolarów, który wkrótce powinien się zacząć“. To dość mocno wstrząsnie drzewem i wyluzuje podaż ze słabszych rąk, które myślą, że grają w długą grę. Ten dip zostanie kupiony bardzo agresywnie przez rosnące stado instytucji wchodzących w przestrzeń.“

Jednakże, taki komentarz bez większej ilości Analizy Technicznej The News Spy wspierającej przepowiednię, co zrozumiałe, wzbudził wiele krytyki, oznaczając handlarzy takich jak wspomniana wyżej „słaba ręka“.

Może być jednak trochę prawdy w przewidywaniach na temat nadchodzącej korekty. W rzeczywistości, dalsze badanie tej korekty przed teorią rajdu sugerowało, że rzeczywiście istnieje krótkoterminowy niedźwiedzi trend w grze.

Być może trend ten rozpoczął się już jednak na większości giełd spot, co zdawało się sugerować wykresy Whale Ratio. Historycznie, jeśli wskaźnik ten przekroczy 95%, rynek będzie prawdopodobnie niedźwiedzi lub pójdzie w bok.

Wydawało się, że jest to oznaka niedźwiedziej strefy, ponieważ wskaźnik wielorybów na giełdach spot przekroczył 95%. Inną metryką, która wspierała powstanie strefy niedźwiedziej, był Bitcoin Mayer Multiple, analizowany przez Ecoinometrics. W czasie pisania Daily Bitcoin Mayer Multiple był powyżej mediany i niższy niż tylko „16% historii“. O ile na pierwszy rzut oka stwierdzenie to może sugerować kupowanie, to sygnalizuje również, że kupowanie powinno było rozpocząć się we wcześniejszej strefie poniżej wspomnianej mediany.

Spodziewane korekty, zanim Bitcoin wznowi wzrost do 20 000 dolarów, mogą doprowadzić do wycofania się inwestorów detalicznych, tworząc tym samym dalsze wyzwania związane z płynnością na giełdach spot w krótkiej perspektywie czasowej, w oparciu o wskaźniki i prognozy analityków on-chain.

Aave: Everipedia announces investment in Aavegotchi

Today Everipedia announced on its official Twitter profile Aave’s investment in Aavegotchi.

Aavegotchi is a Tamagotchi inspired NFT collectible game, developed by Pixelcraft Studios, and based on Aave’s own protocol.

Aave’s updates on Everipedia

As reported on Aave’s Everipedia board, November 23rd announced the investment in the Singapore-based company Pixelcraft Studios, which is developing a game inspired by the famous Tamagotchi, based on non-fungible tokens (NFT), powered by the Aave protocol, and governed with AavegotechDAO through its own GHST token.

This token was only recently launched on the crypto markets in mid-September this year at a price of around $0.8.

In the first month it showed a strong volatility, with the price rising to almost $1 and then falling to below $0.55, but from the end of September, when it was back above $0.8, it began a fairly steady decline to the current $0.5.

Aave had previously announced another partnership with Axie Infinity – a Pokémon-inspired video game where players can collect fantasy creatures called „Axies“. Aave tokens will be distributed to players who win battles within the game, and owners of these tokens will benefit from a special NFT – a unique character that can be requested and used in the Axie universe.

NFTs are literally revolutionising the digital game ecosystem because they introduce new features that have never been made possible before, such as trustless verification of their uniqueness, and the fact that they can be freely exchanged, anywhere, by anyone, regardless of the game in which they are used.

No wonder Aave is so interested in this market.

Since it was launched, the AAVE token has maintained its value at around $50, although at the beginning of November its price was almost halved, while on November 20 it reached almost $80.

To date, Aave’s DeFi protocol is fourth overall for TVL, with almost $1.3 billion tied up.

Citi downgrades MicroStrategy stock after bold bet on Bitcoin

MicroStrategy was downgraded to „sell“ from „neutral“ on Tuesday.

MicroStrategy (MSTR) shares fell on Tuesday after Citibank allegedly downgraded the business intelligence firm for its „disproportionate“ approach to Bitcoin (BTC).

Citi analyst Tyler Radke issued a „sell“ rating on MSTR shortly after the company announced it was raising more money to buy Bitcoin. Radke says that CEO Michael Saylor’s „disproportionate focus on bitcoin“ puts investors Bitcoin Code at considerable risk, especially after a „too-extended“ rally since September.

MicroStrategy to Issue $400 Million in Securities to Buy More Bitcoin
He wrote:

„MSTR’s investment in bitcoins has returned $250 million (or a value of $26 per share or +20% in shares) since August 2020. While impressive, it pales in comparison to the return of 172% of shares. At the current share price, our analysis suggests that the market is trading in much more optimistic valuation scenarios for the core business and Bitcoin.

Yahoo Finance MicroStrategy Shares
MicroStrategy’s share price has risen since August, when the company first announced its Bitcoin game. Many investors see MSTR as an indirect investment in Bitcoin given the company’s vast digital currency reserves.

On Monday, MicroStrategy revealed plans to allocate another $400 million to its Bitcoin treasures. To do so, the company plans to issue $400 million in senior convertible notes. As reported by Cointelegraph, $400 million would increase the company’s Bitcoin reserves by more than 20,800 BTC.

According to Erik Voorhees, the institutions will protect Bitcoin from government overreach
MicroStrategy is by far the largest corporate owner of Bitcoin. It currently has 40,824 BTCs on its books with a combined value of USD 2.756 billion.

Institutional investors and corporations are turning to Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation and dollar instability. Saylor has likened his company’s cash reserves to a „melting ice bucket“ as the purchasing power of the US dollar continues to plummet. He believes that asset inflation will grow at over 20% per year.

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