Can gambling change the trading industry?

Gammatization is one of the trends in the area of marketing, and will become even more important as the new global crisis develops. In some case studies, it produced 7x conversion rates and increased customer interactions by 40%. Crypto exchanges have been slow to catch up with the gambling trend, but things are changing thanks to pioneering platforms like Nominex.

Gamification for survival

The research shows that 93% of marketers consider Bitcoin Investor Scam – Bitcoin Compass Scam – Bitcoin Machine Scam – Ethereum Code Scam – Bitcoin Rush Scam to be effective. It can increase conversions, engagement and time spent on the web, often at a much lower cost than traditional advertising.

With the continued emergence of Coronavirus, gamification is becoming even more important. Organic traffic and conversions are falling in most industries, while blocking is eroding revenues. Companies must turn to low-cost marketing solutions instead of traditional PPC and banner marketing.

On the other hand, anxious and stressed users are looking for something to make them forget about the pandemic. They want to be entertained.

Why are the big exchanges lagging behind in the race for gambling?

However, it is not enough to start a contest or a bonus program. As the famous marketing expert, Neil Patel, said, any gambling process has to be „…interesting, fun and challenging. And this is where most crypto exchanges fall short.

In their gamification efforts, most platforms don’t go beyond referrals, airdrops and contests. Almost none of them offer quests, unlockable achievements, trader guilds or ranks.

Existing initiatives are rarely attractive or fun, and the rewards are not worth the effort. For example, exchange referral programs like Coinbase only pay rebates on guest trade fees for 2-6 months.

The same is true for trade competitions. Because they work with real money accounts and you have to pay to participate, most beginners end up losing money.

Fortunately, the approach to gambling in the trading industry is finally changing, thanks to a new format called entertrading. It pioneered the Nominex trading and gambling process.